‘Flight I’ 2020. Ceramic hand painted tiles with transfers. Recent commission for kitchen splash back for a lovely purple AGA.

If you would like to commission a tiled panel for your kitchen, fireplace, bathroom or conservatory please contact me and I would be happy to discuss any requirements.

This fireplace commission included a panel of seventy two 15cm x 15cm tiles with transfers. The largest single painted panel I have completed so far. Completed in 2018 it features the small islands in the Forth from the May, Bass, Lamb, Craig to Fidra.

Inspired by these nine tile pieces called Flight Up The Forth, the client requested the same theme for their fireplace above.

The kitchen splash back panel has been beautifully incorporated into the back wall of the hob unit where the tiles are covered by a glass panel. The tiles are mounted in a frame so they can be taken away, moved or left in place to enjoy when cooking.

Mark & Annette’s Kitchen 2019

When working on commissions, I usually work up a couple ideas for the panel, firing two or even three panels with slightly varying colours and ideas for the theme, at a time. It is important to paint two or three panels at a time as the twenty tile panels are painted in one go and if even one or two tiles are lost in the firings (cracking tiles or crawling of transfers etc), the whole panel is lost. Unlike a painting, where the surface can be reworked at any stage of the process, once the tiles are fired no further adjustment can be made.

The 20 tile panels can be commissioned for between £550  -£650 per panel. They can also be designed in either a horizontal or vertical format depending if they are for a shower or cooker splash back. Tiles can be framed or collected individually.