Digital photomontage. Print on metal, mounted in a tray frame, no glass.

52cm x 52cm

Limited edition run of 8


ARTISTS PROOFS  (in various print techniques on metal. Framed)


This work should be viewed beside Fridge Fusion. Although a separate piece, the two explore similar themes.

Both available as limited edition signed giclee prints in ECVA Shop

Coal Fired

Coal Fired is the latest piece of work in my Electric Landscape series. If you read the description for Fridge Fusion below it will explain what inspired the work. Both were printed using metal sheets to give the illusion of space inside a domestic appliance.

The short film called Electric Space, marries Coal Fired and Fridge Fusion together. I hope by watching the film it gives an insight into how the layering process I use while working can inspire ideas for further pieces of work.

Selected for the inaugural Scottish Landscape Awards exhibition 2023-24

Artists proof  (as seen in video below and shown in SLA Exhibition 2024)

Digital photomontage. Print on metal, mounted in a tray frame, no glass.

52cm x 52cm

Limited edition run of 8


ARTISTS PROOFS  (in various print techniques on metal. Framed)


This work should be viewed beside CAOL FIRED. Although a separate piece, the two explore similar themes.

Also available as limited edition signed giclee print in ECVA Shop

Fridge Fusion

This artwork depicts Torness Nuclear Power Station inside a fridge.

Using Photoshop as a tool, my aim for this piece was to manipulate and compose an image in a way that transcends traditional drawing methods; much like a musician using a synthesizer to produce a wide range of sounds. (I listened to a lot of Hans Zimmer’s film music while making Fridge Fusion). By translating my digital work into tangible form such as displaying it as physical artwork, I wanted to bring a still image to life. Just as music can evoke emotions and transport listeners to different places, printing ‘Fridge Fusion’ onto a piece of polished aluminium made the image come to life through reflected light, adding an interactive element to the piece. As the viewer moves around the artwork, the reflected light interacts with their perspective, creating a dynamic visual experience. The fusion of digital manipulation, composition, and the choice of material aims to trigger an energy or sensation in the viewer. It invites them on a journey through landscapes of memory and emotion, even if those landscapes may initially be unfamiliar.

The combination of these images, aim to create a powerful juxtaposition of space and scale, as the massive power station is juxtaposed with the small and everyday object of a refrigerator. This contrast highlights the importance of the interdependence between large and small, and how the purpose of one relies on the other to function.

The inclusion of a Nuclear Power Station, a symbol of modernity, within the mundane context of a fridge, underscores the extent to which we take for granted the energy that powers our homes and lifestyles. By placing the power station within a fridge, the artwork asks us to consider the relationship between our daily routines and the broader systems that support them; the relationship between humanity and technology.

Esther Cohen 2023

Selected for Visual Art Scotland Centenary Show 2024

UV Print.  Assemblage and digital photomontage printed on aluminium light switch cover and ceramic tile, with plastic switch, mounted in tray frame.

21cm x 21cm

Original work

For sale £685.00

Also available as open edition signed giclee print in ECVA Shop

Reflected Light

May 23

‘Reflected Light’  deals with an ongoing fascination with everyday objects I interact with or views I see daily. These familiar elements eventually disitl over time subconsciously and are then expressed as a piece of work.

The work is an assemblage made using photomontage, a light switch cover and a tile, and then printing different images onto these object using a UV printer.  A form of digital 2D and 3D collage that frames the different elements used, isolating them from their usual place of reference.

By incorporating photomontage onto these objects my intention is to blur the boundaries between the real and the imagined. One way of doing this is to play with the element of scale and how the smallest of things, like a switch, can make the largest of things work by the simplest of actions. Or, it’s destruction, as in ‘SWITCH’. (aka Submerged Circuitry) below.


Assemblage of mixed media (digital print on a pair of woodblocks, paint and electric switch)

September 2023


Also available as open edition signed giclee print in ECVA Shop

Original artwork



Print. Digital photomontage print in a tray frame

March 2023

52cm x 52cm

Signed limited edition run of 8


Also available as open edition signed giclee print in ECVA Shop

‘Silo’, ‘SWITCH’ below and ‘Reflected Light’ above, are all from a series of works dealing with ideas and concepts relating to themes around sources of energy, both natural and man-made and their time and place in society

Electric Twins

An American photographer was once asked ‘Why do you take photographs?’

He replied, ‘To see what things look like in a photograph.’

This frame is a gate through which I wander collecting materials and energies that fluctuate from tiny to gigantic, motivated by laughter, and by that intense scrutiny which is making things. Often this might be happiness but sometimes danger and despair.

Esther Cohen 2023

Mixed media, photomontage sublimation digital print on plastic and ceramic.

March 2023

Original work


Also available as open edition signed giclee print in ECVA Shop

Digital photomontage, print mounted in a tray frame, no glass


52cm x 52cm

Signed Limited Edition Print of 8


Also available as open edition signed giclee print in ECVA Shop

Super Switch


“Torness power station is my favourite East Lothian building. A superbly utilitarian heroic structure, quietly producing electricity to 2 million homes. Well done Esther for immortalising it.” Mike the sparky

‘Super Switch’  Longlisted for the Scottish Landscape Awards 2023

Hand painted ceramic tiles with transfer mounted in a tray frame.

46cm x 46cm

For sale: £500.00

The Coming Storm


Cockenzie Power Station 1965 -2015

This power station was situated on the south shore of the Firth of Forth in East Lothian and operated from 1967 to 2013. It was demolished in 2015. Cockenzie Power Station was one of the UK’s “least carbon-efficient power station, in terms of carbon dioxide released per unit of energy generated.” This work is one of a series of pieces from an ongoing project of mine exploring ideas and concepts relating to themes around sources of energy and their time and place in society.

By using the title “The Coming Storm” I firstly hope to highlight the impact of pollution caused by the burning of coal, something that is being phased out in the UK but continues unabated in many places elsewhere in the world. Secondly, due to ridding ourselves of these sources of production of power we, in the majority of the western world,nowfindourselvesinanenergycrisis. Theimpending‘storm’ from our actions is now going to impact on us all environmentally, psychologically, physically and financially.

To make the work, the main image of Cockenzie Power Station was created from a photograph I had taken prior to its demolition. Working in photoshop I intentionally darkened the original photograph before sending it off to be printed as a ceramic transfer. I used nine machine-made bisque tiles as a canvas and coloured underglaze to paint the background before spraying with clear glaze. I then fired the tiles to 1100C, applied the ceramic transfer of the power station and fired them again to melt the image into the surface of the glaze, permanently. An industrial process in itself. A process that I am now aware has its own implications on the environment and something previously I either paid no attention to or chose just to ignore.

Esther Cohen, Sept 4th 2022

Into The Wind We Go

Cockenzie Power Station Demolition 2015

This print was created from the original 9 tile work (sold in 2021). It was designed with the intention of capturing a moment in time, an event on the physical landscape that was directly affected by human and environmental change. The process in making the work combined techniques of drawing, painting, photography and ceramics to realise themes of transformation and identity in the local landscape. It’s a visual story line that captures the moment the chimneys of the power station fell. Ending an era for a generation powered by coal.

One of the proposals for the old site is that it would be used as a facility to generate electricity from the wind. I wanted to capture this transition (far right hand side) by using the birds in flight and the old chimneys as a reflection of what once existed. I think this is very important, some may think a bit sentimental, but the chimneys were iconic to many of us. A measure to where we stood in the surrounding landscape.

Esther Cohen 2020

Digital photomontage, Giclee art print unframed

150cm x 28.5cm

Available as open edition signed giclee print in ECVA Shop

Levenhall Links I, II & III (work in progress)

Digital photomontage, Giclee print

The collective title for these these three pieces of work is “ It is always ourselves we find in the sea.” taken from the poem by e e cummings.

The pieces can be viewed individually or as a series of three, related to each other and aiming to express the curious, the common and the corrosive elements found in nature and in ourselves.

The pieces feature an abandoned platform at the ash lagoons near Musselburgh. The ash is the waste product of coal burned at Cockenzie Power Station. The pieces here evolved from earlier works at Cockenzie and Torness Power station and their place in the landscape.

The collective title is from a poem about children. How through their imaginations these abandoned platforms become the climbing frames in a play park, but, for adults, these environmentally destructive structures evoke deeper, darker undercurrents.

Esther Cohen October 2021

‘Switch’ Torness


Digital photomontage, Giclee print

50cm x 50cm

Open edition, signed


Cockenzie Power Station


Giclee print

Various sizes

Available in my SHOP page

‘SWITCH’ Torness Power Station


9 tile hand painted tiles with ceramic underglaze and transfers.

45cm x45cm


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Cement Sea


3 panel hand painted tiles with ceramic underglaze and transfers