The following one-off pieces and open edition Giclee prints are available to purchase in person at the Bass Rock Gallery at Tantallon Studios.
If you are interested in viewing or purchasing – please give me a call before your visit!

The Common

The Curious

The Corrosive


“ its always ourselves we find in the sea”

The collective title for these these three pieces of work is “ It is always ourselves we find in the sea.” taken from the poem by e e cummings.

My work explores sources of energy and their time and place in society.

The pieces can be viewed individually or as a series of three, related to each other and aiming to express the curious, the common and the corrosive elements found in nature and in ourselves.

The pieces feature an abandoned platform at the ash lagoons near Musselburgh. The ash is the waste product of coal burned at Cockenzie Power Station. The pieces here evolved from earlier works at Cockenzie and Torness Power station and their place in the landscape.

The collective title is from a poem about children. How through their imaginations these abandoned platforms become the climbing frames in a play park, but, for adults, these environmentally destructive structures evoke deeper, darker undercurrents.

Esther Cohen October 2021

Very recently gigantic metal structures have been floated up the Firth of Forth past my studio window. These structures are part of the Berwick Bank Offshore Wind Farm ‘one of the largest offshore opportunities in the world’ This is the latest energy development (and probably the most transformative) after Cockenzie and Torness Power Stations to happen along the East Coast of Scotland in recent times. My work continues to be very much influenced by these transformations in context with local land and seascapes.


Switch 2020 – 10 years until decommission.

Image size 50cm x 50cm

Digital photomontage, Signed Giclee art print


Into the Wind We Go – Cockenzie Power Station 1965 – 2015

Image size 134cm x 15cm

£150 unmounted

Digital photomontage, Signed Giclee print

Cement Sea

Ceramic hand painted tiles with transfers mounted in tray frames


Break In the Storm

Ceramic hand painted tiles with transfers mounted in tray frame